Forest Row Community Pre-School was founded over fifty years ago by community members to create a space for their children to grow, learn and play in the heart of their village. Through a child-led teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help children develop to the highest level.

Our Mission

Our mission for Forest Row Community Pre-School is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where your child's day is filled with adventure, exploration and learning.  Every day presents a new opportunity for your child to be inspired to discover new things in their environment to allow their imagination to flourish and make fantastic memories.

We encourage all our children to be inquisitive in their learning by exploring areas such as our story den, garden, and role play area in a free flow environment. We aim to instil a life-long love of learning in every member of our pre-school community. 

Our setting

The Pre-School is located in the heart of Forest Row village, near to Forest Row Primary School. We're so lucky to have a great outdoor space for children to expore our garden and play on bikes, in sand, or on the climbing frame. Your child has the freedom to play inside or outside whatever the weather, supported by our highly trained and compassionate staff.  We are incredibly passionate about having a positive impact in supporting your child through their learning journey.

We consider our environment an ‘educator’ too. We set up to provoke awe and wonder in our surroundings, providing invitations to play, tailored to the children in our care. Materials are carefully considered to prompt learning and exploration. Real life items are used to show we value play and teach consequences. Colours are muted to allow children to add their own and keep from sensory overload. Children are encouraged to move and transport items to suit their own ideas of learning. Cosy nooks provide a safe space to watch or escape to think.

We aim to deliver a space that is a tranquil home from home environment, with exciting and engaging resources carefully placed throughout. We aim to use a mixture of man-made and natural environments and materials to provide this. We use a free-flow approach to in and out, using outdoor space as an additional classroom.

We believe in exploring and being active members of the community, making the most of community green spaces around us and introducing children to local businesses and experiences.

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