Forest Row Community Pre-School is a charity, working for the benefit of children and parents in our local community. Our ability to provide the best facilities for our children relies heavily on our relationship with local businesses, parents and the community.

We often hold fundraising events that are essential, but also fun! Their continued support and success also show the shared contributions and commitment of the Preschool as an essential part of our community. If you have any fundraising ideas, we would love to hear them.

Community Engagement

At Forest Row Community Pre-School, we are proud to provide our village and the surrounding areas with an important community asset. We are also lucky to have great relationships with local shops, businesses and other key community services and groups.

The Pre-School really values its history and role within the Forest Row Community. Located in the heart of the village next to the Community Centre, the PreSchool has developed longstanding relationships with individual community members as well as social clubs and the shops and cafes.

Are you a local business?

The Pre-School is very happy to receive regular visits from members of our community with pets, occupations, or skills that they are able to share safely with our children. Particularly popular animal visitors have included bats, lizards, puppies, and even a snake! We have also had visits from a policeman, a nurse and a pilot!