We believe that children are curious, competent and full of untapped potential. We know they are capable of complex thinking and being the masters of their own learning when given the opportunity.

All children are individual and learn through different methods. They need opportunities to learn with all their senses. Children naturally research the world around them – questioning, testing, predicting and experimenting, they are able to represent their own discoveries in unique formats.

We believe that all children should have a sense of belonging and ownership over their education setting. They should be respected, valued and heard. We aim to provide the opportunities for children to lead and a safe space to explore and test their abilities.

We work to instill cultural sensitivity, world awareness and a safe place to learn. This is managed through play and experiences carefully thought out by the team to include different celebrations and special days. 

The Pre-School also believe in providing new opportunities and experiences for the children to support engagement in local community, British culture and acceptance and awareness of worldwide events.

We operate a play based and child led learning pattern that supports children to engage and make sense of the world around them. We know that play is a process and not about an end product, but the journey to get there. Play and children’s interests are used to reach the untapped potential in the children in our care, providing teachable moments and scaffolding learning opportunities in Literacy, Maths, Social Skills, Artistic learning and Physical development.

Our educators value children as partners in the learning process. We act as conduits to provoke ideas and display our own thinking and knowledge for children to learn from. Staff are trained to observe play and step in sensitively to extend learning.

Parents as Partners

Parents are a very important part of our Pre-School. Parents are children’s first and best teachers. Parents are also partners in children’s learning within an educational setting, we rely on you to share interests and fascinations from home. These can help form next steps and development. An interest in tracks on a path could lead to nature walks, mark making and research. Your home sharing inspires us to dig deeper.

We believe that parents are the key to secure learning experiences and can support us in providing different opportunities. We invite parents to come in and share with us their children's WOW moments, share skills, join us on trips and outings and take part in daily life through our committee.