Our Community

At Forest Row Community Pre-School, we are proud to provide our village and the surrounding areas with an important community asset. We are also lucky to have great relationships with local shops, businesses and other key community services and groups.

We will often go out visiting and learning about the different places we have nearby and how they work, such as Tablehurst Farm, and the Cyrnel Bakery. We are also excited to receive visitors to our Pre-School who are willing to share their skills, jobs, or interests with the children. This has included kids yoga, the adored 'bat lady', and local community policing.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to get involved and support the Pre-School in any way - we are always looking for new ways to engage with our community!


Community Engagement

The PreSchool really values its history and role within the Forest Row Community. Located in the heart of the village next to the Community Centre, the PreSchool has developed longstanding relationships with individual community members as well as social clubs and the shops and cafes.


Fire Station

The PreSchool organises a very popular and much loved annual trip to the team at the Forest Row Fire Station. The children love sitting in the Fire Engine, trying out the hose, and wearing helmets!

thursday club visit again.jpg

Thursday Club

The Preschool has been lucky to have regular visits with and from the Thursday Club over the years. Activities includes singing, reading together, and the occasional Summer Picnic!

hanging at the cyrnel.jpg

Local Shops

Our walks can sometimes take us to local shops to get to know our surroundings and try some tasty cakes! We have been invited to the Cyrnel Bakery to make bread as well -yum!


Visits to PreSchool

The PreSchool is very happy to receive regular visits from members of our community with pets, occupations, or skills that they are able to share safely with our children. Particularly popular animal visitors have included bats, lizards, puppies, and even a snake! We have also had visits from a policeman, a nurse and a pilot!


Remembrance Day

We make an annual poppy wreath and visit the village war memorial. This year Reverend Angela, the vicar from Holy Trinity, met us there and told us about how the poppies reminded us of the soldiers who had died. Everyone listened really well.


Ashdown Forest on our doorstep

We regularly go on walks in the Forest and across the fields, enjoying the countryside we live in, and learning as we play!


In-Kind Donations

As a Community-led enterprise, Forest Row Community PreSchool is a non-profit-making registered charity. We endeavour to remain as accessible as possible to all families as an essential community asset. As a result, we are constantly fundraising and seeking out innovative ways to support the PreSchool to improve the facilities and services for the best value for money.

If you have items at home that might benefit from a second lease of life at the PreSchool, please do get in touch. This can include good condition out of use toys and books, play equipment, furniture or even an old package of dried pasta or flour- you will be amazed how much dried pasta and cereal the Preschool gets through as art and craft materials!